Microsoft messes up another Windows 10 Update

Microsoft messes up another Windows 10 Update by giving it to the wrong users.

Microsoft pushes another Windows 10 update that wasn't with mistakes or bugs but delivered to the wrong machines and users. The update implements "quality improvements on Windows Autopilot configured devices". Windows Autopilot now is used to set up devices in businesses. Windows Autopilot is not installed on Windows 10 Pro or a later version when the device is not registered or configured for Windows Autopilot deployment. Windows Autopilot has never been offered to users operating on Windows 10 Home.

The update was pushed on Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro even though they are not machines registered for Autopilot deployment. As a reminder, if you see an update for Autopilot on Windows 10 Version 1903 displayed as an update on your Windows 10 Home or Pro machine, you do not have to download it. If you have already downloaded the update, it does no harm to your machine, it just takes up some drive space. Windows 10 Home and Pro users can uninstall the update and it will not have any impact on the machines.


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