Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

Users who are still running on Windows 7 operating system, are exposing their computers to critical vulnerabilities.

Is your business prepared for Windows 7 End-of-Life? Running an unsupported operating system is not an option anymore. Data breaches, systems hacks, and vulnerabilities are very common, and ransomware can bring a business to a halt and every business is a potential risk target. With an unsupported operating system, a business is easier to exploit, leaving the network very exposed.
It is best and simple to upgrade to Windows 10 latest version. It has a long life still, and that means many years of support from Microsoft. Organizations will need to anticipate the cost of purchasing the new operating system, but also of their business-critical software to ensure compatibility.
As many business and enterprise users are not able to switch from Windows 7 before the End-of-Service, Microsoft introduced a paid-for service called Extended Security Updates that allows licensed users to continue to receive security updates. While some devices can get this service for free for a limited time, other business users who have a volume licensing agreement would need to purchase a license for a cost between $25 to $200 per device depending on the Windows and the year of the program and the price will increase each year. Simply said, purchasing extended support for Windows 7 is a very costly, very temporary solution.


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