Four Big Reasons Companies Needing Document Management Today

Today companies face utmost global competition. Like new machines, materials and processes implementation, one has to constantly update documents to prove the operational excellence and help meet quality standards.
Document Management software will help you do just that! It automates and manages document control processes, eliminates paper process and can greatly increase company-wide efficiency.

•ISO Compliant Document Control System
Document Management provides a comprehensive set of document control capabilities for organizing and managing all quality documents, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), policies and work instructions with complete version history along with CAPA procedures, non-conformance reports, forms and more in a centralized repository. A single, cohesive system for all documents makes the search for and the retrieval of documentation easier. It also ensures that only the current version of the document is available to users. In addition, there are a number of change control features (such as document notes, version history notes, workflow comments, built-in annotation capabilities, etc.) that help track changes in documents.

•Improve Approval Processes
The timely approval of SOPs is very important. Automating the routing and approval of documentation using Document Management Workflow Management helps in reducing document review cycle times. With Document Management, company-wide policies, SOPs, and other documents that require inter-departmental collaboration can be managed electronically by routing documents along a predefined workflow. Automatic actions can be set on overdue tasks to keep processes in check. In addition, the completion of one workflow can trigger another dependent workflow that gives managers more control over disparate processes. Tasks are assigned automatically in series or parallel as a workflow progresses to ensure no time is wasted in transition.

•Automating Quality Processes
Document Management also provides for the automation of quality processes, like CAPA, non-conformance, customer complaints, and more. These processes, which are often form-based and unique to a department, can be designed using Document Management eForms and automatic document workflows can be triggered on form submission – all under one on premise secured document management software.

•Digital Signature for faster Approval and Quality Process
While Document Management replaces the paper form and manual document approval process to an electronic one, the same goes with document signing. In a manufacturing environment, any new version of an SOP must be authorized with a supervisor’s signature. Similarly, when new employees access and read training manuals, quality managers must be able to prove that they have done so. With integrated Digital Signature capabilities and approval workflows, the system can capture proof of authorizations and completion of quality process.

Signature Requests is a web-based electronic signature solution that allows organizations to easily collect signatures from employees, customers or other business associates. It cuts down delays and improves overall user experience.

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