Friday, January 18, 2013

Routers VS Firewalls Which one are you missing?

The most critical aspect for business security is the security of the network used to access the internet.
Most businesses have some type of router, like a Linksys, which blocks some incoming files, but allows all files out. What occurs commonly is that a hacker or malware sneaks in through one of the opened ports, and then takes control over the entire network. Old routers cannot maintain and protect large amounts of bandwidth.
The best way to protect your network is to get a firewall which collaborates with your router. The firewalls restrict the opening and closing of all ports on the entire network. A professional is required to set up this software. Ports that have to constantly be open will still have that capability, but the firewalls will filter out malware or viruses. This better ensures your security.
We make sure that your firewalls log all activity on the network and ensure that the latest firmware filters are up to date.
Expensive firewalls such as Barracuda NG Firewall might seem a bit excessive, but the security they provide massively reduces the risk of any infection and doesn't compare to the amount of money you can lose during the downtime of your network compared to the investment in an excellent firewall.
Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolution For Your Business

It’s that time of year again. The time has come again to review your networks and computers so you can understand your risk of disaster. We have our own list of 10 questions you should ask yourself concerning your business.
  1. Are you monitoring your windows updates? And how are they affecting your computer(s)?
  2. Do you have security software set up on your computers and servers (antivirus, firewalls)?
  3. Have you updated your computer to Windows 7 or better?
  4. Do you have Windows 2008 r2 server or better running on your network?
  5. Do you backup all your data through images on your computer and server?
  6. Does your network have a local administrator account with a password?
  7. Do you have all your product keys and manage your versions of software?
  8. Is your emergency handbook and kit up to date?
  9. Do you have offsite backup for your critical files and do you have access to them?
  10. Do you have professionals who certify and review your network on a regular basis?
After all those questions, do you still feel secure? If not, you should start thinking of a new year’s resolution to get an IT Audit of your entire network and servers. 
- We create value for customers through delivery of strategic technology staffing and consulting services.
- We help build and supplement organizations by providing introductions to candidates for key positions.
- We develop partnerships with customers, performing detailed analysis, to gain an in-depth understanding of their business and their hiring needs.
The ultimate goal is to have your computer help you run your business and not let your computers control your business.

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